Payment and Refund Policy

Payment policy

See Era Sdn Bhd is a service-based consulting agency, payment is due in full upon consultation registration or confirmation of application submission to respective university or colleges applied.

Refund policy

  • See Era Sdn Bhd is a services-based consulting agency and is fully eligible to be compensated against its time, experience, expertise, advisory, consulting and services. Any amount earned in its scope of services is not refundable.
  • Consulting Fee and University Application Submission Fee is treated as advance payment and is calculated based on the time spent and type of services provided by the Consultant, except the termination of the agreement for cause where;
    • If the premature termination is happening prior to rendering the full services, then a fair calculation will be made as per professional services rate along with any reimbursements and the portion of the services unserved will be refunded to the Client.
    • If the full scope of services is completed, the Client therefore is not eligible for any refund, and will not receive any refund payment.
  • Any third-party payments including but not limited to investment amount, govt. / authority fee, third party payment, attorney fee, vendor payment is out of the scope of responsibility of See Era Sdn Bhd and any refund is subject to their independent policy without any prejudice of See Era Sdn Bhd.